65  years of Excellence in Higher Education
Re-Accredited (Third Cycle) by NAAC with ‘A’ grade
College with Potential for Excellence (Third phase)
The Principal of the College will be the Chairman of all the Committees 

Academic Programmes Committee
The Committee monitors the academic activities in the college. It also takes steps to ensure the quality of teaching by disseminating the latest development in the respective branches.
Dr Jolly Jacob (C), Dr. Annamma John, Dr. Annie Abraham, Mrs.Leelamma K.V., Ms. Preethamol M.K., Ms. Regina Sibi Cleetus, Mr. Sabu E.G. Dr.Soniamol Joseph, Rev. Fr Tom Antony.

Admission Committee
The Committee assists the Principal in admission procedures of various courses of study offered by the institution
Rev. Fr. Sheen Palakuzhy, Maj V.Varghese (C), Dr. James T. Joseph, Dr. Suju C. Joseph, Dr. Victoria P.K.

Archives/Documentation Committee
A team of teachers is engaged in maintaining and preserving the archives. The collections at the Archives will give an insight into the rich heritage of the College and serve as a source material for researchers.
Mr. J.A. Thomas(C), Mrs. Lija L. Raju, Ms. Mamitha J.S., Mr. Manasse Benny, Dr. Beena Mole T. (Librarian)

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)
Ms. Reny Skaria ( C ), Ms. Divya Johnson, Ms. Resmy Sally Koshy

Attendance Committee
Dr. James Alexander (C), Ms. Amita Mary Varghese, Ms. Anju Mary George, Mrs. Leelamma K.V., Ms.Sheeja George, Ms. Soumya M. Raj Ms. Susan Kurien.

Campus Beautification Committee
The Committee takes steps to maintain the scenic beautyof the campus and enhance it with novel ideas
Dr. P.I.Paul (C), Dr. Neeta Sharma, Ms. Rani Alex, Ms. Sheeja George, Ms. Sini M.K., Dr.Thomson Kuruvilla, Dr. Victoria P.K.
Campus Ministry
The College pays special attention to the character formation of students. The Campus Ministry helps the students imbibe moral values and lead a God- centered life
Fr. Sheen Palakuzhy, Fr. Daniel Poovannathil (C), Fr. Shoji Varghese, Fr. Vincy Varghese.

Canteen Committee
A well maintained canteen is functioning in the campus. The Committee will design measures to ensure the quality of service provided in the canteen.
Dr. Annie Abraham (C), Mr. Jiji Kurien, Dr. Sam Solomon, Mr. S. R. Sanjeev, Dr. Victoria P.K

Career Counselling and Placement Services
The cell undertakes different activities so as to help the students by giving proper career guidance and finding proper placements.
Dr. Biji James (C), Ms.Deepthi Alex, Ms. Reny Skaria, Ms. Sini M.K, Mrs. Shyla Joseph.

Dr. Jadu Samuel (Convenor), Dr. John Jacob (Coordinator) and all members of the college council.

CLMC for PG Programme
Mrs. Aleyamma Mathew (C) and all Heads of PG departments.

Counselling Cell
Apart from the class counsellors, a team of teachers provides counselling service to the needy students. Service of professional counsellors is also extended to the students.
Fr. Daniel Poovannathil (C), Dr.Biji James, Dr.P.I.Paul, Ms. Reny Skaria, Mrs. Shyla Joseph, Mrs. Suma P.Oommen,Ms. Susan Kurien, Mr. J.A.Thomas, Fr Tom Antony.

Cultural Programmes Committee
Various cultural programmes are organised under the auspices of this Committee. The Committee in collaboration with various government and other reputed agencies, organises cultural programmes.
Mr. Johnson Varughese (C), Dr. Neeta Sharma, Ms. Reny Skaria, Mrs. Sumol Varghese.

Discipline Committee/ Anti-Ragging Committee
The discipline in the campus will reflect the rich social and cultural values which the college community cherishes. The Discipline Committee in collaboration with the Welfare Committee facilitates the maintenance of discipline in the campus.
Maj. V. Varghese (C), Mrs. Aleyamma Mathew, Dr. James Alexander, Mr. Jiji Kurien, Dr. K.S.Mathew, Dr. Mary George, Dr K. Oommachen, Ms.Regina Sibi Cleetus, Mr. Sabu E.G, Mr. S.R. Sanjeev, Dr. Shirley Stewart, Mr. K. Thomaskutty, Mr. Tom Thomas.

Electronic Media Exposure Research and Leadership Development (EMERALD)
This is a forum intended to give all possible exposure to selected students in the most modern Media like Newspaper, Radio and Television. Selection will be by means of an aptitude test.
Dr. Abraham Joseph (C), Dr. John Jacob, Mr. S.R.Sanjeev 

Energy Conservation and Safety Committee
Dr. Leenamma Joseph (C), Ms. Deepthy Alex, Ms. Divya Johnson, Ms. Preethamol M.K., Ms. Resmy Sally Koshy , Dr. Sam Solomon.

Ethics Committee
The committee has been constituted In accordance with the government policy and directive, and will ensure the code of conduct on the campus.
Dr. K.L. Anandavally , Dr. Jessy Thomas, Ms.Suja Eapen, Mr. J.A. Thomas, Fr. Vincy Varghese.

Grievance Cell for Persons with Disability (PWD)
The cell is constituted as per the directive of the Govt. Rev. Dr. Gigi Thomas, the Principal will be the Chairman.
Ms.K.V.Leelamma (C), Dr. Georgee K.I., Mr. Johnson George,Fr. Shoji Varghese.

Handbook Committee
The Committee publishes the College Handbook which provides information about the activities of the college, both curricular and noncurricular and gives the list of faculty members and auxiliary staff.
Dr. P.J.Jacob (C), Dr. George Mathew, Dr. Shirley Stewart.

Hostel Committee
Hostels of the college are ‘home away from home’. The committee with the help of the wardens takes all efforts to ensure high quality of hostel life for the inmates.
Mrs. Shyla Joseph (C), Dr. Bindu Alex, Ms. Meenu Jose, Ms. Sini M.K., Dr. Soniamol Joseph.

ICT Committee
Dr. K.S. Mathew (C), Dr. Georgee K.I., Dr.T.R.Sivakumar.

Internal Complaints Committee/Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee
Dr. Mary George (Presiding Officer), Ms. Ancy Ponnachen, Ms. Aparna Roy, Dr. Beena Mole T., Rev. Fr. Bovas Mathew, Ms. Julie George, Dr.K.S. Mathew, Ms. Resmi Poulose, Ms. Shamin Thomson, Dr. Shirley Stewart, Ms. Suja Eapen, Ms. Suma P. Oommen, Adv. (Dr.) Thomaskutty P.G.

Internal Examinations Committee (Non-autonomous)
Dr. Neeta Sharma (C), Dr. Manju K.G., Ms. Preethamol M.K., Ms.Regina Sibi Cleetus, Fr. Tom Antony, Dr. Victoria P.K.

Library Committee
Dr. Abraham Joseph, Dr. Biji James, Ms. Aleyamma Mathew, Dr. Jessy Thomas, Dr. James Alexander, Dr. Beena Mole T. (Secretary),Mr. Aravind M.R. [2 M.A. English- student representative]

MIC Charity Fund
Dr. Jessy Thomas (C), Dr. Annamma John, Dr. Daisy Samuel

Planning Board (XII Plan)
Rev. Fr. Sheen Palakuzhy, Dr. Abraham Joseph, Dr. K. L. Anandavally,Dr. Biji James, Dr. George Mathew (IQAC), Dr. Jessy Thomas, Dr. Jolly Jacob,Mrs. Leelamma K.V., Dr. Leenamma Joseph, Mrs. Marykutty K.K.,Mrs. Shyla Joseph, Rev.Fr. Shoji Varghese, Mrs. Thressiamma Mathew,Major V. Varghese, Dr. Beena Mole T. (Librarian).

Publications and Public Relations Committee
The Committee serves as the mouthpiece of the College. It has good laison with media and other agencies and ensures the wholehearted support and goolwill of the community at large. Apart from the Newsletter ‘Veritas’, the College proposes to bring out a Research Journal of
International Standard.
Mr. S.R.Sanjeev (C), Ms. Divya Johnson, Ms. Meenu Jose, Dr. Soniamol Joseph.

Purchase Committee
The committee will look after the genuineness and budgetary limit in respect of the proposals made by the Heads of the department / authorized faculty member, subject to the guidelines of the Stores and Purchase Manual of the Government of Kerala/UGC directions.
Dr. Georgi P. Daniel (C), Dr. Abraham Joseph, Dr. Jijimon Thomas, Dr. K.Oommachen, Ms. Julie George, Mr. V.T.Thomas.

Research Promotion and Research Ethics Committee
The College aims at achieving excellence in teaching as well as research. Various research programmes are undertaken with the support of various agencies by the faculty of the College. Emphasis is placed on pure, applied, interdisciplinary and socially relevant subjects/ topics.
Dr. Jijimon Thomas (C), Dr. Annamma A., Dr. Biji James, Dr. Cherian John, Dr. Daisy Philip, Dr. Daisy Samuel, Dr. Hubert Joe, Dr. Georgee K.I., Dr. Jadu Samuel, Dr. Jolly Jacob, Dr. Josekumar, Dr. Manju K.G., Dr. Mary George, Dr. Sam Solomon, Dr. T.R.Sivakumar, Dr. Suju C. Joseph, Dr. Varghese Abraham and Head/Director of all Research Centers.

SC/ST/OEC Welfare and Grievance Redressal Cell(Equal Opportunities Cell)
The cell is constituted in accordance with the Govt. orders for the welfare and the redressal of the grievances of students belonging to SC/ST category
Dr. P.I.Paul (C), Dr. Hubert Joe, Ms. Rani Alex Ms. Suma P. Oommen.

Student Excellence Committee
The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach the full potential, the committee aims at unlocking the door to personal excellenceusing the keys of motivation, determination and commitment and makeexcellence, an attitude and habit
.Dr. Shirley Stewart ( C), Ms. Anju Mary George, Fr. DanielPoovannathil, Ms. Meenu Jose, Rev.Dr. Robi Augustine.

Student Support Programme (SSP)
Dr. Mary George (C), Dr.K.S.Anbukala.

Student mentoring and Walk With a Scholar (WWS)Programme
Dr. Manju K.G. (C), Ms. Deepthi Alex, Ms. Dhaniya M.V.

Student Welfare/Grievance Redressal Committee
The Committee is entrusted with the responsibility of overall welfare of the student community of the College. In collaboration with other related committees, it provides the necessary service to the betterment of students.
Dr. V.S.Josekumar (C), Mr. Johnson Varughese , Dr. K. Oommachen, Dr. M. Kala, Ms. Reny Skaria, Ms. Sheeja George, Dr. Suju C Joseph, Ms. C. Suju Skaria, Mr. J.A.Thomas.

UGC Cell
Dr. P.J. Jacob (C), Dr. Jijimon Thomas, Dr. John Jacob, Ms. ReginaSibi Cleetus.

University Examinations
T.R.Sivakumar (Chief Supdt.), Mr. Sabu E.G.

Value Education Committee
Rev. Fr. Vincy Varghese (C), Dr Jessy Thomas, Dr. Leenamma Joseph, Dr. Shirley Stewart, Ms. Susan Kurian.

Website Committee
The College websites -, and - provide all necessary information about the College and its activities. The committee is in charge of updating the website periodically
.Dr. James T. Joseph (C), Ms. Divya Johnson, Ms. Karthika J.L., Mr. Manasse Benny, Ms. Resmy Sally Koshy.

Women’s Grievence Redressal Cell
The cell is constituted as per the directive of the UGC to redress the grievances, if any, of the lady students and the women-members of the staff of the College
Dr. Mary George (C), Ms. Julie George, Ms. Shamin Thomson, Dr. Shirley Stewart, Ms. Suja Eapen, Ms. Suma P Oommen.
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