65  years of Excellence in Higher Education
Re-Accredited (Third Cycle) by NAAC with ‘A’ grade
College with Potential for Excellence (Third phase)
Various committees, with members of the teaching staff as conveners and   members have been constituted to assist the Principal whenever necessary.

Academic Programmes Committee
Dr. Jolly Jacob (Con.), Mrs. Leelamma K.V., Dr. Annamma John, Dr. Annie Abraham, Ms. Regina Sibi Cleetus, Mr. Sabu E.G., Dr. Soniamol Joseph, Ms. Preethamol M.K., Rev.Fr. Tom Antony

Admission Committee
Major V. Varghese (Con.), Dr. James T. Joseph, Dr. Suju C. Joseph, Dr. Victoria P.K., Mr. Alexander Jacob.

Mr. J.A.Thomas (C), Mrs. Lija L. Raju, Ms. Mamitha J.S., Mr. Manasse Benny, Dr. Beena Mole T.

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)
Ms. Reny Skaria (C), Ms. Divya Johnson, Ms. Reshmy Sally Koshy, Ms. Karthika J.L.

Campus Beautification Committee

Ms. Thressiamma Mathew (Con.), Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil, Ms. Aleyamma Mathew, Dr. Biji James,Dr. Bindu Alex,  Ms. Elizabeth Abraham, Dr. Ms. K. G. Manju, Mr. P.I. Paul, Dr. T.R. Sivakumar,  Mr. V. Varghese.

Campus Ministry
Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil (Con.), Rev. Dr. Gigi Thomas, Rev. Fr. Joseph Mundackal, Rev. Fr. Shoji Varghese, Rev. Fr. Tom Antony.

Canteen Committee
Mr. Johnson George (Con.), Dr. Annamma John, Dr. Georgi P Daniel, Mr. Jiji Kurian, Mr. P.I. Paul, Dr. Ms. Victoria P. K., Dr. Vipin Chandran.

College Level Monitoring Committee for First Degree Programme
Dr. Mathews Cheriyan (Chairperson), Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil, Dr. Jessy Thomas (Con.), Dr. K. Oommachan (General Co-ordinator), and all the members of the College Council.

College Level Monitoring Committee for P. G.  Semesterisation
Dr. Mathews Cheriyan (Chairperson), Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil, Dr. Benny George (Con.), and all the Heads of the PG departments

ICT Committee
Dr. Georgee K.I. (Con.), Dr. Hubert Joe, Dr. Jadu Samuel,Dr. James T Joseph, Dr. Jijimon K Thomas,  Dr. K.S. Mathew, Dr. T. R. Sivakumar, Mr. Alexander Jacob (Computer Centre).

Counselling Cell
Rev. Dr. Gigi Thomas (Con.), Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil, Dr. Biji James, Dr. K. I. Georgee, Dr. Ms. Jessy Thomas, Dr. Ms. K. G. Manju, Rev. Fr. Shoji Varghese, Ms. Shyla Joseph,Dr. Ms. Victoria P. K.

Cultural Programme Committee
Mr. Johnson Varughese (Con.), Dr. Biji James, Ms.Shirley Stewart, Dr. Ms. Sumol Varghese.

Discipline Committee
Dr. George Mathew (Con.),Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil, Dr. Benny George,  Dr. Biji James, , Dr. James Alexander, Dr. Ms. Jolly Jacob,  Mr. Jiji Kurian, Mr. Sanjeev S. R,Mr. V. Varghese, Dr. Vipin Chandran

Emerald - Electronic Media Exposure Research and Leadership Development
Dr. Abraham Joseph (Con.),  Mr. Johnson Varughese, Rev. Fr. Joseph Mundackal,Dr. Neeta Sharma,  Ms. Padma Chandran, Mr. Rakesh R, Ms. Regina Sibi Cleetus, Ms. Reny Skaria,  Dr. Sumol Varghese.

Energy Conservation and Safety Committee
Dr. Mathews Cheriyan (Chariman), Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveetttil, Dr. Benny George (Con.), Ms. Aleyamma Mathew,  Ms.K. L. Anandavally, Dr. Biji James, Dr. Daizy Philip, Dr. James Alexander, Dr. Jessy Thomas, Mr. Jiji Kurian, Dr. K.S. Mathew, Dr. V.S. Josekumar,  Ms. Thressiamma Mathew, Mr. V. Varghese, Mr. V. T. Thomas.

Ethics Committee
Dr. Mathews Cheriyan (Chairman), Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil (Con.),Mr. Johnson Varughese, Dr. Abraham Joseph, Ms. Anandavally. The committee has been constituted In accordance with the government policy and directive, and will ensure the code of conduct on the campus.

Examination Committee [University]
Dr. T. R. Sivakumar (Con.), Dr. Ms. K. G. Manju.

Examination Committee [Internal Semester]
Dr. James T. Joseph (Con.), Dr. John Jacob, Ms. Meera George, Ms. Preethamol M. K, Ms. Regina Sibi Cleetus, Dr. Ms. Victoria P. K.

Grievance Redressal Cell for the Differently Abled Students
The cell is constituted as per the directive of the Govt. Dr. Mathews Cheriyan, the Principal will be the Chairman and Mr. J. A. Thomas will be Convener.

Library Advisory Committee
Dr. Mathews Cheriyan (Chairman), Dr. Beena Mol - Librarian (Secretary), Heads of Departments of Commerce, Chemistry, Economics, English, Mathematics and Rev. Sr. Jacinth (Student representative).

MIC Charity Fund
Dr. Mathews Cheriyan, Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil, Rev. Fr. Shoji Varghese, Mr. Johnson Varughese, Dr. James Alexander, Dr. Ms. Annamma John, Dr. Ms. Jessy Thomas.

Music Club
Mr. Johnson Varughese (Con.), Dr. John Jacob, Mr. Rakesh R, Ms. Reny Skaria,  Mr. Sabu E.G, Mr. Sarin Thomas,Dr. Suju C Joseph,  Dr. Sumol Varghese.

Placement and Consultancy Services
Dr.Mathews Cheriyan (Chairperson), Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil, Dr. Biji James (Con.), Dr. K. I. Georgee, Dr. K.S. Mathew, Dr. T. R. Sivakumar.

Planning and Administration Committee
Dr. Mathews Cheriyan (Chairman), Mr. V. Varghese (Con.), Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil,  Dr. Abraham Joseph,Dr. Benny George,  Rev. Dr. Gigi Thomas, Dr. P. J. Jacob, Dr. James Alexander, Mr. A.O. Roy,Ms. Shirley Stewart, Mr.V.T.Thomas.

Publications and Public Relations Committee
Dr.Abraham Joseph (Con.), Ms. Aleyamma Mathew, Dr.K.I.Georgee, Dr.jijimon K. Thomas, Dr.Jadu Samuel, Dr.James Alexander,Dr. Neeta Sharma,  Mr. Rakesh R, Ms. Regina Sibi Cleetus,Ms. Shirley Stewart, Ms. Suja Eapen, Ms. Shyla Joseph.

Purchase Committee
The committee will look after the genuineness and budgetary limit in respect of the proposals made by the Heads of the department / authorized faculty member, subject to the guidelines of the Stores and Purchase Manual of the Government of Kerala/UGC directions.
Dr. Mathews Cheriyan, (Chairman), Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Valiachangaveettil, Dr. Jijimon K. Thomas (Con.), Dr.Abraham Joseph,Dr. Georgi P Daniel, Dr. K. Oommachan, Mr. V. T. Thomas, Ms. Julie George.

Quiz Club
Dr. James Alexander (Con.), Dr. Anbu Kala, Mr. Johnson Varughese, Dr. A. Kala, Dr. Mary George.

Research Promotion Committee
Dr. Jijimon K. Thomas (Con.), Dr. Abraham Joseph, Dr. Annamma A., Dr. Biji James, Dr. George Mathew, Dr. Georgee K. I,Dr. Daizy Philip, Rev. Dr. Gigi Thomas,  Dr. Hubert Joe,  Dr. Jadu Samuel, Mr. Johnson George, Dr. Jolly Jacob, Dr. Ms. Mary George, Dr. Varghese Abraham.

Special Cell for the Welfare and Grievance Redressal of SC/ST Students
Dr. Mathews Cheriyan (Chairman), Ms. K. V. Leelamma (Con.).

Students’ Welfare and Grievance Redressal Committee
Mr. J. A. Thomas (Con.),Ms. Elizabeth Abraham,Mr. Johnson George, Ms. K.V. Leelamma, Ms. Suja Eapen, Ms. Suju Skaria, Ms. Suma P. Oommen, Dr. Ms. Mary George,    Dr. Varghese Abraham.

Tourism Club
Dr. Biji James (Con.),Dr. Annamma A., Dr. Daisy Samuel, Dr. Jolly Jacob, Ms. K.V. Leelamma, Ms. Mamitha J. S,Mr. Sabu E. G., Mr. Sarin Thomas, Ms. Sheeja George, Ms. Sini M.K, Mr. K. Thomaskutty.

Website Committee
Dr. Hubert Joe (Con.), Dr. K. I. Georgee,Dr. Jijimon K. Thomas,Dr. K.S. Mathew, Ms. Shirley Stewart, Mr. Alexander Jacob (Computer Centre).

Women’s Grievence Redressal Cell
The cell is constituted as per the directive of the UGC to redress the grievances, if any, of the lady students and the women-members of the staff of the College
Dr. Mathews Cheriyan.(Chairman),  Ms. Aleyamma Mathew (Con.),  Dr. Annamma A, Dr. Annamma John, Dr. Annie Abraham, Dr. Daizy Philip, Ms. Elizabeth Abraham, Dr. Mary George, Dr. Neeta Sharma, Ms. Suja Eapen, Ms. Shyla Joseph, Ms. Suma P Oommen, Dr. Sumol Varghese.


  • As per the regulations for the FDP under the CBCS System, University of Kerala, it is mandatory for a student to participate in any one of the following Social Service/Extension Activities for not less than forty hours, during the 3rd and 4th Semester, for the successful completion of the UG Programme.
  • The following Student Programme Committees have been constituted for this purpose under the guidance of the concerned faculty members:

Anti-Ragging Cell – Dr. Vipin Chandran (Faculty-in charge), Mr. P. I. Paul, Dr. George Mathew, Mr. Jiji Kurian, Dr. M. Kala,Mr. A.O. Roy,  Mr. S. R. Sanjeev, Rev. Fr. Shoji Varghese, Ms. Shyla Joseph.

Debate Club –  Ms. Shirley Stewart (Faculty-in charge),Dr. Anbu Kala, Ms. Anju Mary George, Dr. P. J. Jacob, Dr. M. Kala,  Dr. Ms. Mary George, Ms. Meenu Jose, Mr. Rakesh R.

Environmental Activities - Mr. P. I. Paul (Faculty-in charge), Ms. Deepthy Alex, Ms.  Elizabeth Abraham, Dr. V. S. Josekumar, Mr. Johnson George, Dr. K. V. Leelamma, Dr. Leenamma Joseph, Mr. A. O.Roy,  Dr. Lini N,Dr. Thomson Kuruvilla, Ms. Thressiamma Mathew.

Literary Club - Dr. Annamma A (Faculty-in charge), Dr. Anbu Kala, Dr. Kala M, Ms. Rani Alex,Ms. Meenu Joseph, Ms. Reny Skaria, Dr. Vipin Chandran

Media Club - Dr. Jolly Jacob (Faculty-in charge), Dr. Georgi P Daniel, Dr. John Jacob, Mr. A. O. Roy, Ms. Regina Sibi Cleetus, Mr. S. R. Sanjeev, Dr. Vipin Chandran

Nature Club/Eco Club - Dr. Victoria P. K. (Faculty-in charge), Dr. Bindu Alex, Mr. Johnson George, Ms. Padma Chandran, Dr. Leenamma Joseph, Ms. Meenu Jose, Ms. Preethamol M.K., Ms. Meera George, Ms. Suju Skaria, Ms. Lija L. Raju.

NCC [Air Force] - Squadron Leader Dr. Varghese Abraham (Faculty-in charge).
NCC [Army] -  Major Mr. V. Varghese (Faculty-in charge).
NCC [Navy] - Sub Lieutenant Mr. Tom Thomas (Faculty-in charge).

NSS - Mr. Sarin Thomas (Faculty-in charge), Rev. Fr. Shoji Varghese.

Planning Forum - Dr. Jessy Thomas (Faculty-in charge), Dr. Annie Abraham,  Dr. Bindu Alex, Dr. Leenamma Joseph, Mr. J. A. Thomas, Dr. K. Oommachan, Rev. Fr. Tom Antony.

Science Club - Dr. K. S. Mathew (Faculty-in charge),Dr. Annie Abraham, Dr. Georgi P Daniel, Dr. Hubert Joe,  Dr. John Jacob, Dr. Jijimon K. Thomas,        Dr. K.G. Manju, Dr. Suja Mathai, Dr. Suju C. Joseph, Dr. Sonia Mol Joseph.

Sports Club - Mr. Jiji Kurian (Faculty-in charge), Dr. Biji James, Mr. Johnson Varguhese, Mr. Sabu E. G, Ms. Shirley Stewart, Mr. Tom Thomas, Dr.Varghese Abraham.

Women’s Study Unit - Dr. Mary George (Faculty-in charge),Dr. Annie Abraham, Ms. K.L. Anandavally, Dr. Daizy Philip, Ms. Elizabeth Abraham,Ms. K.V. Leelamma, Dr. Neeta Sharma,  Ms. Preethamolm M.K, Ms. Rani Alex, Dr. Suja Mathai, Ms. Suju Skaria, Ms. Suma P. Oommen, Dr. Ms. Victoria P. K.

Community Health Activity - Rev. Fr. Joseph Mundackal, (Faculty-in charge), Dr. Annamma A,Ms. Deepthy Alex, Dr. Leenamma Joseph,  Dr. Lini N, Rev. Fr. Shoji Varghese, Dr. Thomson Kuruvilla, Rev. Fr. Tom Antony.

Health Education - Dr. V. S. Jose Kumar (Faculty-in charge), Mr. Jiji Kurian, Dr. Jose Kumar, Ms. Meera George, Ms. Suja Eapen,Dr. Suja Mathai,  Dr. Suju C. Joseph,Dr. Thomson Kuruvilla, Mr. Tom Thomas.

Human Rights Forum – Ms. K. L. Anandavally (Faculty-in charge), Dr. Benny George, Dr. Biji James, Dr. Jessy Thomas, Dr. James T. Joseph, Dr. K. Oommachan, Ms.Sini M. K., Dr. Varghese Abraham.

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